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Digital Innovation and Graphic Design of Catalogs for 33 Years

Portfolio of Graphic Design Catalog Projects
Newsletters are published to provide information on a topic of interest to a group or market.
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We have experience with newsletters that are part of a marketing strategy to inform customers about products, to reinforce competitive advantages and attempt to build brand loyalty. Some of our designed newsletters communicate to employees or members of a club or association. They provide tailored positive messages to include: news, company/organization changes, product improvements or to announce upcoming events. We enjoy long-term relationships so that we know enough to offer perspective as well as design and printing.

We designed, printed and mailed newsletters for the Professional Engineering Society of Southern New Jersey for six (6) years! By providing monthly newsletters (except for the summer) increased member’s attendance at meetings and helped maintain their reputation.

We also design newsletters that can be emailed as a pdf that can contain hyperlinks to provide flawless navigation to webpages or email contacts.

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