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Doctor-on-Time can be purchased two ways:

  • A stand-alone webpage that can be linked from your current website; or
  • Part of a professionally designed website with your own domain.

The Doctor-on-Time feature can be customized to integrate with your website but is hosted by us. You simply add a link to it from your site. The information displays in a format similar to: https://doctor-on-time.com/demo/. That webpage provides patients with your status in real-time. It is perfect for any profession that schedules appointments and wants to notify patients or clients when running behind schedule. Changing your status takes seconds and can be set from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The stand-alone feature can be customized to look like your website but is hosted by us. The url would be something like: doctor-on-time.com/Dr.YourName. You link to it from your site. In either case, we will provide a sign to post in your office that informs your patients that they can reduce wait times.

Running late may be unavoidable, but informing your patients is not.

We developed a unique ‘Doctor on Time’ feature that notifies your patients if you are running late. This solves the #1 complaint “my doctor is late!” It has been spotlighted by the CPC — Comprehensive Primary Care initiative of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation. Patients love it. It makes the waiting room less crowded. And it helps the physician and staff to be less stressed. We provide patient handouts that explain how to check the site to see if the doctor is running late.

Setting the Status

The doctor’s interface uses radio buttons to display your message which we can edit. The original concept was to be funny.

  • On time – it’s a miracle.
  • 15 minutes late – we told him to hurry up.
  • 30 minutes late – don’t blame us.
  • 45 minutes late – he’s old and slow.
  • 60 minutes late – it’s time to retire.


Patients have access to the doctor’s status.

Their appointment time is readjusted. If you are running a half hour late your patients can arrive a half hour later.

  • Leave home later
  • Run extra errands or shop longer
  • Spend less time waiting
  • Minimize contact with infectious patients

I redesigned a website and explain this feature and the site redesign to the client.