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Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and flyers are typically used as marketing documents that combine text and graphics to promote a product or service or communicate about an idea, organization or company. Flyers are usually single sheet documents, while brochures are typically multi-page or folded in half or thirds (tri-fold). Traditionally, they have been printed and used in direct mail or distributed by hand or in racks around thigh traffic locations. But the future is paperless and pdf is the most common format.


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In 1995 we started designing catalogs for RSL, Inc. in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. We have been honored to continue with RSL and also create and manage their website. Posted below are ten catalogs since 2000, (and others in the millwork industry). RSL produces a new catalog every other year with the most recent being 2017. The process is collaborative and credit their attractiveness and effectiveness to their guidance and tweaking. We appreciate that RSL refers us to other companies (their customers) to design and produce their marketing materials. Our graphic design services were seen as a marketing advantage

In addition to design, all product images (photography) is prepared for use and digitally enhanced in PhotoShop. Raw photos are scaled, sharpened and put into frames. All home beauty shots that present their doorglass in entryways are PhotoShopped and similarly improved for print, pdf distribution 2 and web.

1. We created a catalog for Westminster Chimney Supply in July 1989 on the first Linotronic imagesetter. We brought the films to PrintArt (local brick & mortar print company now going by the name Omega). At the time Dean Somers was running much of the business and he accepted the films, but warned that they would not be responsible for the result! It was their first experience with digitally created film.

2. The future of catalog distribution is digital. Here is an example of a flyer that allows

If you plan to print, please call us for a quote or visit our sister company – Printing-Advantage.

Medical Software projects are 12-40 page publications with the emphasis on providing product descriptions, features and benefits. Text is more important than images, but graphic design presents the material attractively.

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