Starter Package - $330
Why wait? We can put you on the web today.

You can benefit from this cost-effective opportunity.


Includes a business-card presence on the web (1 page). We’ll take your logo, pictures and text, slogan or message, and address and other contact information and design an attractive web page for you. Provide keywords, and we will include them for free. This way your presence on the web will begin to be indexed by the search engines.

This will get you started and you can build your site over time in a cost-effective manner. You will have a way for people to find you on the web and a professional email address with your domain. Two layout changes/adjustments are included. Assistance in digitizing and preparing images and additional services are available at rates provided on our rate sheet. (All communication via phone, internet conferencing or email.)

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We trained the staff at AtlantiCare on their original website. This was AtlantiCare's first site design. It was a collaboration with the in-house graphic designer - Mary Lou Faulk.





We trained the staff at the Rescue Mission on webdesign. Below is their original webpage.


rescue mission


Small Site Package $700

Includes 1-year of hosting and 5 pages based on your selection of an agreed upon template. (This is not a custom site.)

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This research was done by a good friend on Sustainability. It is an example of a fairly vast form. The research required high response rates from around the world. The population surveyed (mostly at universities) were busy, but online.

The form provided an efficient way to gather a high rate of responses. It was taken down in 2004, but I posted it here.


We created and maintained the web site for an exciting energy research company- Blacklight Power. In 1995, when we first started working on this project for Atlantic Energy (now Atlantic City Electric), almost every science-oriented site's pages had default gray backgrounds. We started with white to make the text more legible, but eventually went to a black background.

blacklight power
Parts from our original work for BlackLight Power. (Reposted on our server with their permission.)

This was an extensive site, and many pdf files for the theory pages which have formulas that wouldn't work well in html, so we were very early adoptors of Adobe's Acrobat Portable Document Format - pdf.

We designed and managed their website off and on - most recently until March 2016, but are not managing their current site:

We designed a number of logo graphics for them during the change in their name from black light to brilliant light. You decide if their new logo is better. They obviously feel it is.



Most of our time is spent serving a stable base of clientele, but we are always interested in establishing new long-term relationships.

Here is a sampling of current web work.