Professional Website — $139/month*

Every site uses the most up-to-date web technology and includes:

Doctor Bios
Every doctor has a page designed with photos and text. You can personalize your page by providing your educational background, interests, or what your practice offers.

Patient Resources
Your site will link to helpful websites that provide information on: saving money on drugs, vaccinations, travel med tips, and local resources or services (if appropriate).

Mobile Friendly Websites
Over 70% of consumers use mobile devices to view websites. Our website designs perform perfectly on smartphones, tablets and iPads. Websites not customized for mobile are penalized in search listings, so a mobile-friendly site is absolutely necessary.

Location Maps & Contact Form
Sites utilize google maps to display your location. Maps work with mobile to direct patients to your office. And, for non-emergency medical issues, a standard contact form emails patient messages.

Downloadable Patient & Office Forms
We convert your paper forms into pdfs that your patients can print and fill out at their convenience at home.

Editable Content
Make edits to your site anytime 24/7 or we can manage changes for you. You have a choice if you want to edit your pages, but you do not have to.

Server Security and Speed
Your website is hosted on a fast, secure server, monitored and maintained in a data center that is well connected. This assures better than 99%+ uptime. Preventing downtime and addressing potential hacks of your site requires vigilance and regular maintenance. Software is updated for features and security, and regular backups are stored off-site.

Editable Content
We use popular web software that is used by over 20% websites across the internet. It is a content management system with an easy interface for editing the content on your site. We manage and edit most of the websites we design, but we give you a choice and enable you to edit your pages.

While many companies charge $200 – $400 per page – or $5000+, we provide all your practice will need for a reasonable monthly fee. If you want more, we offer options that will enhance your web presence.

* A three year commitment is required.

Optional Services:

Addressing the #1 Patient Complaint — my doctor is late!

Patient on Time — Provides Real Time Appointment Status and Improved Patient Satisfaction.

Running late may be unavoidable, but informing your patients is not. 

A simple, low-cost, web-based solution that provides real time appointment status and improves patient satisfaction.

  • Easy to use – for both doctors and patients with any internet connected device anywhere, including smartphones, tablets or iPads.
  • Web-based – so patients are motivated to visit your site to access their appointment status.
  • Doctor controlled – so each doctor in the practice can opt-in or opt out.
  • Greater patient satisfaction – contributes to improved doctor/patient relationships, patient compliance, and better outcomes.
  • Less stress – for the doctor and office staff with a less crowded waiting room.

The doctor controls what is displayed on his webpage by clicking radio buttons on a secure page, which takes only seconds. The appropriate text is displayed immediately and clearly, so patients can view the time adjustments to minimize waiting.

Websites with this feature are perfect for any profession that schedules appointments and wants to notify patients when running behind schedule. Our unique Patient on Time feature puts your status online in real time. Changing your status takes seconds and can be set from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Medical Practice Website Packages with Patient on Time — $149/month*

We developed a unique ‘Physician on Time’ feature that notifies your patients if you are running late. This solves the #1 complaint “my doctor is late!” It has been spotlighted by the CPC — Comprehensive Primary Care initiative of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation. Patients love it. It makes the waiting room less crowded. And it helps the physician to be less stressed. We provide patient handouts that explain how to check the site to see if the doctor is running late.

I redesigned a website and explain this feature. See a video demonstration.

For a complete explanation. Download this PowerPoint presentation.

Search Engine Optimization
Most searches are limited to the first page of search engines. We can assist you to rank higher with the content building strategy for natural listing improvement, or help with a pay per click advertising strategy. We connect you to medical and important online business directories that act as referring sites.

Patient Resources & Education
Give your patients resources to save money and direct them to educational content designed to boost treatment acceptance rates and improve outcomes.

Social Media Marketing
A growing number of people (over 40%) surveyed said social media impacts what healthcare provider they choose. Reach them with Facebook, Twitter, and blogging options.

Reviews & Reputation Management
We have a strategy to promote positive reviews on google and other sites. Potential patients who are searching for a doctor in your area are strongly influenced by the feedback and ratings others give your practice.